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Published on Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10 Way To Increase traffic

How to Increase our Blog's Traffic? I have 10 way to increase traffic. Maybe you have heard it from other people but I will try to make it simple and not difficult like the other people said about how to increase Trafic. I always use this 10 way to increase my traffic from 2007 on my Old Blog and i can get More Than 1500 unique Visitors every day. Traffic is an important thing to Make Money Online from our Blog.

These Are The 10 Way To Increase Traffic:
1. Add RSS feed to your Blog
From time to time the number of RSS subscribers continue to grow. RSS is a way to read a blog without having to visit the blog. This is not a guarantee that customers who read through RSS will visit your blog (and then see your adsense like your Google Adsense).
2. Submit your Blog on Blog Portal
If you want people to know about your blog then you can register your blog on some of the portal. There are many website (portal) that register the blog. There are a registered blog portal that has a particular niche, such as Eaton Web (, or Globe of Blogs (
3. Blog Search Engines and Indexes
In addition to the portal at the top, some sites have a feature that allows visitors to search for blog topics, and in accordance with a specific keyword. Register your blog there. For example (which I usually do) on Technorati (
4. Create a Newsletter
Offer the reader to subscribe to your newsletter service so that they remain up to date with the post-post in your blog. If you feel too Difficult to manage yourself, then there are many sites that are willing to 'manage' this newsletter to you, you only need to register it (for example, in
5. Involved in Projects Blog
From time to time there may be other bloggers who will invite you to be involved in the project of making a blog, such as a blog about natural disasters or blog for other social purposes. You do not hesitate to participate. Support, you will benefit from it (most do not 'network' you will be more knowledgeable).
6. Engage in Web Forums
Participated in web forums and engage in discussions on blogs that have relation with the topic of your blog. This will give you the opportunity to build on the credibility of your blog.
7. Tell people about your Newest Post
If you have the latest posts in your blog that might be interesting, do not be reluctant to tell other bloggers to the 4-5 (well do you know are personal and do not).
8. Add option 'Email a Friend' on the post you
Give it easy for readers to tell your friends about a posting on your blog. Add option 'Email a Friend' on your posts.
9. Promotion offline
May also need to consider a campaign to make your blog offline. For example through text ad in the newspaper, via SMS.
10. Learn SEO

Those are my ten way to increase Blog's Traffic. You can try them now. I guarantee that you will get an amazing traffic like me. So Yo don't need to ask other people or other Blogger about how to Increase traffic. Read my other Post about How to Play on Paid Review safely.


  • Hey Chiko,

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    I just tested some popunder traffic from It seemed to work really well. They offer 10,000 visitors for a fairly decent price... wayyy better than Pay per click... much more cost effective.

    Anyway, if you want to Increase Site Traffic then check out the guaranteed visitors program. Hope you enjoy exploring the media buying's a trip!

    August 21, 2009 at 2:34 PM