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Published on Monday, April 27, 2009

Tips and How To Play Safely On Paid Review

I already more than one year Join the Paid Review Business to make money online, and during more than one year, many things that i get out of there whether it is a fun or sad. Fun things that i can get from this business is already clear, my earning so much increased if the appeal with the previous years where i just get money from google adsense. So what a sad case of the business paid review? I think for this one does not need to explain further, because the you also agree if certain spectral businessman paid review is a reduction in PageRank. Yah, PageRank reduction byUncle Google.

Me and you often see certain cases where a blog is through the monetization program paid review is a reduction in large-scale PR when there are updates PageRank. Blogs that have PageRank 3, 4 or even 5 can be a PR 1 or even 0. It is very painful isn't it? Departure from that consideration then i post this tips and how to play safely on paid review. But before I give you the tips and how, I want to let you know if all the tips and how to play safe this review is only paid based on my personal opinion only, so not necessarily the correct. Moreover, there is no guarantee you can pass 100% decrease from the Google PageRank.

Ok, tips and how to safely play on paid review in my version or according to me is join the paid review brokers that provides "Google friendly links" to us. this is difficult to determine which brokers are qualified that we will follow, but according to my experiences, this is under 3 broker who is friendly with Uncle Google:
1. Blogtoprofit
2. Blogsvertise
3. Bloggerwave

If you asked me why i recommended those sites, because when i was played paid review on those sites, My Blog Blogger Indonesia never get decrease Pagerank from Google. But my others blog that play paid review on Payingpost, reviewme, payperpost, get this decrease of Pagerank like my Blog Blogger Toraya. This is my Tips And How to Play safely On Paid Review. it's all according from my experience for one year. I just share my Opinion with you.