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Posted by Chiko

Published on Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online? Before we start learning about Make Money Online, I think we have to Know what the Meaning Of Money Online. Term of money online was used since 30 years ago. Make Money Online is an activity to get money from Internet. Some people said it's easy but according to me, it's Not Easy. It's Easy if we have Knew about what good Way to Play this. So.. I thing we have to learn the Basics first.

So how to make Money Online? There are many ways to make Money Online or get Money from Internet. I have tried kinds of way to make money Online. The First way i have done is Play Google Adsense, as You know this is really simple but if Our Visitors of Blog not too much, we will get a little funds too. But the easy Of google adsense is Pagerank of our Blog and Alexa rank isn't needed. The second way that i've tried is playing Paid To Review where we paid to Review a specific site. The Advertiser who want to be advertising, will give you an amount of money if you write an article about their site and give them an one way backlink on your post. The third way i've tried to get Money Online is Playing Domain Parking. It's The Most difficult way because we must have a big Number of money for use as basic capital. In domain Parking we have to buy a Preety Domain or several domains to Park at domain parking.

Those are a few ways to Make Money or get money Online. Which do you want to practice?? Ask Your self.. Hohohoho..