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Published on Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blogwalking To Increase Traffic for Beginners

What is Blogwalking? Blogwalking is visit Other Blogs or our Friends Blogs and Comment on their Blogs to promote our Blog. Have to Note that Blogwalking is not only to get Traffic to your site(s) but Blogwalking can make you find a new Friend. It is ussualy Done by Beginners to get more traffic to their Blogs, Include Me Of Course.

Many Bloggers Believe that Blogwalking is the easiest way to get more traffic for new Blogs or sites. Is Blogwalking can improve our Pagerank? This is the question that always asked by new Bloggers. I think Blogwalking can improve or increase our Pagerank but on indirectly way. So how to Improve our pagerank with Blogwalking? Okay, Blogwalking can improve your Pagerank if you make Link Exchange with the blog that you are visiting. We all know that Link is the basic point to get pagerank. Ask The Blog Owners to make Link Exchange, you can leave comment on his/her Posts to tell them to make a Link Exchange. Maybe you will get No Positive Response, but at least you have tried.

Remember my Previews Post about 10 way to Increase Traffic? And why i don't include Blogwalking On The Best 10 Way? Because Blogwalking is just an easiest way and Only for New Blog. It's Different with the other.