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Published on Monday, June 1, 2009

How To Get Free Backlinks

Backlink is One Part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Quality Backlinks believed can determine rank of a site in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). But, you also have to remember that not all backlinks is usefull for your site, there is also a backlink could "hurt" your site. Bad Backlink usually comes from a spam site, search site spam sites and other automatically. You can set the strategy for linkbait (fishing for a link).

So How to get Free Backlinks For your Blog or site? Many SEO Guru have told about this but i just want to repeat it for you because maybe you have not read about this and i think this is very usefull post for Blogger that want To learn about Review and Adsense. As We know To Monetize our Blog, first thing that we have to Build is Blog Rank or Pagerank. How to Build Our Pagerank? Backlinks Are the answer. If you have many Quality Backlinks, you will get good Rank, and Good rank make you easier To make money from your Blog. Let us back to our Topic (hehhehe). How to get Free backlinks? Below i will give you simple ways to Get Quality Backlinks. Here are The Tips:

1. Exchange Link
This is the basic Way and i believe that you all already know about this. Where can i found Blog that want to Make an Exchange Link? You can Find them on Forums, Social Bookmarking like Blogcatalog or something like that.

2. Make Dummy Blog(s)
Make your Dummy contain just one article, but the article we should really create a quality backlink that quality also. You can create a dummy site such as Google Pages, Squidoo or GeoCities. You can also create an article in Indobloggers in which you paste a link from your site.

3. Forums
In your Profil pages, You can insert your URL. Big Forums usually have this. Then you can insert URL to on Your Signature. Signature is a few Line sentences given by forum or email that is useful to reflect briefly who you are. You can use this facility to insert a link of your site. Give a Niche Anchor on your signature, so it can attract people to click the link so You can increase traffic also.

4. Do Follow Comment
Leave Comment On Do Follow Blogs. But do not spam, and be sure that your comment is Good. Not just said good articles, Nice Info, or somekind like that.

Let us try Simple Tips....